Celebrating God’s Gifts

Do you know that we will be celebrating Pentecost in just a few weeks? Pentecost is the celebration of the coming of the Spirit upon the disciples gathered together in the Upper Room as they try to understand the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Filled with fear and anxiety they gather together to pray for one another.

Into that Upper Room comes the Spirit. The Spirit fills them with incredible courage. They leave the Upper Room and proclaim that Jesus is indeed the Risen Lord! We like the disciples gathered together in that Upper Room await the coming of the Spirit.

Remember years ago when Pope John XXIII called the Second Vatican Council, he called for a New Pentecost. He called the church to a new moment. He proclaimed that the windows of the church had to be opened  so that the new winds could enter into the life of the church.

In just a few days we celebrate Pentecost! In our parish we will celebrate the many gifts that God has showered upon our parish. It is a time for us to celebrate and consider how we can get more involved in the life of our parish.

To help us celebrate the many ministries of our parish there will be a celebration of God’s gifts on June 9th & 10th after the 5:00 PM, 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, and 11:30 AM Mass. It will take place in the backyard of the rectory. There will be music, games for the kids, great refreshments, (not to mention incredible people who love their faith and set time aside each week to share their gifts with our parish community). Set some time aside on that weekend and plan on coming to the Celebration of God’s Gifts! If you have never been to this celebration before plan on coming this year, you will be delighted and surprised by all that happens in our parish.

All of us are gifted by God. As thankful people we are called to share our gifts with others. These weeks we simply set time aside and prayerfully reflect upon the gifts that we have been given and how we share those gifts in such a way that we continually proclaim God’s kingdom.

Come and join us on the weekend of June 10th! You will be delighted that you did! All are invited and all are most welcome!


Fr. Steve


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