Celebrating God’s Gifts

Dear Friends,

We are so gifted! Next weekend we will celebrate our giftedness. Make sure that you set time aside after Mass to visit our celebration of God’s gifts. Our celebration will be held in the backyard of the rectory after each Mass (Saturday:5:00 PM Bi-lingual & Sunday: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM). Come by and enjoy the displays, the the great refreshments, and the company of other parishioners!

Come and see the many ministries that are part of our life. Consider becoming a part of one of our ministries. Our Lady of Fatima Parish has greatly blest from the earliest days of its life!

Remember how we started our parish life. A group of very faithful women planted the seeds that have born incredible fruit throughout these many years. Each year the Celebration of God’s Gifts invites all of us to remember and honor the memories that fill our parish life and to celebrate where we are at this point in our story, finally we embrace our future! (And we have a great future ahead of us)!

Come and see how this Body of Christ that we call Our Lady of Fatima Parish has faithfully throughout the years answered the call of the Lord to “proclaim the Good News to the ends of the earth”!

We truly are the Body of the Risen Lord Jesus! We are the eyes, the ears, the mouth, and the heart of the Risen Lord! We are indeed the presence of the Lord Jesus. But we need your help! The Lord Jesus is made present not only through the blessing of the bread and wine, but also in our caring and ministering to one another.

Take time to think about the gifts that the Lord has given to you and then think about how you can share that gift with our parish and our community!

Make sure you come to the celebration in the back yard of the rectory and enjoy the many blessings that God has showered upon us and consider new possibilities that the Lord might be calling us to!


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