Support Our Church Renovation Campaign

Dear Friends,

Our Lady of Fatima Parish is a place where: “ALL ARE WELCOME”!

Take a few moments today and prayerfully consider  your personal relationship with Our Lady of Fatima Parish. Think about your memories that are part of your life in Our Lady of Fatima Parish.  Perhaps you celebrated the sacrament of marriage in our parish church? Or you might  have renewed  your wedding vows here? Maybe  your sons and daughters were baptized here? Perhaps they celebrated their First Eucharist and Confirmation here? Maybe the Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated for a loved one in Our Lady of Fatima..

You might come to our annual Christmas Eve family Mass or gathered in our parish church for the celebration of Holy Week and Easter. Maybe you’ve been to our Advent retreat or our Lenten Retreat evenings. Perhaps you’ve been able to share in our annual Thanksgiving Day Mass. Maybe you come to Eucharist on the weekend. Whatever your connection with Our Lady of Fatima please take a few moments to reflect upon it.

Maybe you’ve stopped and prayed in our beautiful grotto area next to the church or just sat on one of the benches to gather your thoughts together or offered a pray for a loved one or yourself. Maybe you have you set aside a few moments to make a visit to our church and sit in prayerful silence. Maybe you come by to light a votive candle before the statue of the Sacred Heart for an intention that lies deep within your heart or say a prayer before the statue of St. Anthony.

Right now Our Lady of Fatima Parish needs the help of all our parishioners. We are asking all our parishioners once again to show their generosity and consider making a pledge or giving a gift to our Renovation Campaign.  We thank all those who have given already and ask those who have not given as yet to consider making a pledge or giving a gift to this important parish undertaking. This project will help us preserve our parish church for generations to come! Help us to continue celebrating our faith in our parish church for many years to come.

What do we hope to do in the main part of the church:

·         Repair the exterior and interior stucco walls

·         Refinish the pews in the main part of the church and widen the center aisle.

·         A new floor in the main church.

·         Move the Baptismal Font

·         Move the organ from the sanctuary

·         Create an area where the tabernacle is more prominent

·         New lighting

What do we hope to do in the wing of the church:

·         New seating to use the wing for different parish events and meetings

·         A new room for families with infants or small children

·         A handicap-friendly restroom

·         A meeting room

·         A new Reconciliation Room

Please help Our Lady of Fatima Parish bring this dream to fulfillment! With your help it is possible! We have done so much over the last few years: the Parish Social Ministry office has been renovated, the grotto area and gardens around the church have been completely redone, the Parish Center has been renovated, the parking lot repaired, new windows in the church have been installed, the altar furniture has been refinished. With your help our church can be renovated to create a beautiful sacred space for generations to come!  Please help us to enhance our sacred space.

Remember Your Loved Ones:

Is there someone dear to you, whose memory you want to honor in a special way?  If you would want to make a gift in their memory you might consider FAITH DIRECT, an easy way to make monthly payments to this parish  undertaking.

Thank you!

Father Steve


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