Parish Events

Parishioners celebrated their annual Mardi Gras Night in the Parish Center on Tuesday, 2/28.

The table filled with sandwiches and salads were a welcome sight as attendees came in from the wintry weather outside.  As we gathered and met and greeted each other to toast the last day before Lent, the music started, played by a DJ.

Father Steve introduced the night and welcomed everyone and the festivities were underway.

When the dinner was underway and the music started, some of us joined the dance floor and did our cha-chas and lindes to new and old classics. Dessert was served.

Then at 7:30, everyone walked across to the Church for a lovely prayer service to start the season of Lent. We all received our ashes to signify sacrifice and spirituality which we hope will grace our Easter season.

Special thanks should be given to Leonor Sanchez and many others who helped decorate the hall and hand out the party favors including hats and streamers.

2 comments on “Parish Events

  1. Lots of laughter and fellowship last night at the Mardi Gras party. The DJ tried hard to put us in a festive mood with lots of music, from oldies to Sinatra to Latin music. The food was nice, and the decorations were so pretty. Afterwards we went across the street to get our ashes.

    Lent started in a really nice way!

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