Whole Community

Parishioners participated in a Whole Community Gathering on Friday evening, June 1 2012.  The evening was filled with reflection and fellowship.  Tricia Shackel opening the gathering and took everyone through a fun and meaningful exercise to get to know one another better.  There was prayer, song, a reading of the Scriptures and small group discussions reflecting on the meaning of Pentecost in our lives today.  Trish Walsh completed the evening with a beautiful meditation, and everyone went outside to place notes of prayer into a bonfire that represented the flame of the Holy Spirit.

There have been five Whole Community Gatherings at Our Lady of Fatima to date.   These gatherings have added much to the richness of faith formation among members of the parish.

Tricia and Trish Tricia, Trish and Chris
Refreshments Parishioners
Barbara & Tom Ladies
Ladies tables
outside bonfire

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